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Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, a full case history is taken in order to understand your individual problem. As well as asking details about your principal disorder we will want to know something of your past medical history.

A careful examination of the area that is giving you trouble and any other area that may be relevant is then made. (Often the source of your problem can lie somewhere other than the site of your pain).

The examination will vary according to your particular problem and X-rays or MRI may be recommended if visual information on the condition of your spine is required. X-ray facilities are available at the clinic.

The purpose of the initial consultation is to diagnose your problem and see if there is a good chance of helping you.

Tailoring care for your specific needs

If your condition is amenable to care the chiropractor will work out a suitable treatment regime tailored to your specific needs. This will be discussed with you in a report of findings and, if you are happy to commence, a course of treatment will be initiated.

Note: If your problem is particularly straight forward the chiropractor may at their discretion treat you on your initial visit. More commonly, or if X-rays are necessary, this takes place on your second visit.

Step 1 - Symptom Relief
  • The first objective is to reduce your immediate pain.
Step 2 - Improve Function
  • The next step is to ensure that joints and muscles are functioning optimally and that any nerve irritation is reduced.
Step 3 - Consolidation
  • Advice and/or exercises are then given to aid recovery and reduce the likelyhood of future problems.
Step 4 - Maintenance
  • Some people, according to their condition, may require ongoing intermittent care. Others, whose condition does not necessitate such care, nevertheless choose to return periodically to maintain optimum function.
    How long you decided to benifit from chiropractic care is always up to you.
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