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The Chiropractic Clinic, 2 Torphichen Place, Haymarket, Edinburgh, EH3 8DU.

Spinal Problems

About half of all patients who consult our clinic do so because of back pain, with head and neck pain being the next most common areas of complaint. Pain felt in other parts of the body but originating from the spine is also treated. This includes leg pain such as sciatica or similar types of shoulder and arm pain.

Non Spinal Problems

Non-spinal problems such as tennis elbow, frozen shoulder or carpal tunnel syndrome and lower limb problems of the hip, knee, ankle or foot are also part of our daily work.

Disorders of the spine can often upset the autonomic nervous system and various problems that do not appear to be related to the spine can develop. It is therefore not unusual for patients to report improvement in seemingly unrelated systemic problems after treatment.

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